Twistabit Affiliate Rewards


Twistabit Premium Affiliates receive premium commission rates and premium affiliate services.

All Twistabit members are affiliates – the program is automatic and pays you Twistabit Coins each month base on your purchases, referrals, claims, and more.

Signup as a Premium Affiliate and dramatically increase your monthly Twistabit Coins (TBC) earnings!



Twistabit Free Affiliates earn 3% TBCs on every qualified purchase at Twistabit participating businesses, plus up to 10% TBCs for qualified purchases made by every TWB Affiliate referred.

Twistabit Premium (Gold and Platinum) Affiliates receive premium TBC rates and premium affiliate services.

Dramatically increase your TBC Rewards from 3% to as much as 30% with Twistabit Premium Affiliate Plans.

Premium Levels

Silver, Gold, and Platinum

There are three Premium Levels you can buy as an Affiliate or as a Business Plan Subscriber. Here are the details:

  • All Premium Levels increase your Rewards up to the maximum at the Platinum Level
  • All Premium Levels give you a large bonus reward at signup and renewal
  • All BPS Premium Levels allow you to advertise a discount and rewards to any affiliate on your own Twistabit Listing*

It's easy to choose the Premium Levels - just select the Premium Level you want in the Choose an Option Drop-down above.

Thereafter, you will receive rewards dramatically higher than the base rewards level.

*See important details of the Twistabit Advertising program on the Legal page.