Twistabit Business Rewards


  • Highly Effective Influencer Advertising
  • Traffic Costs Drop Dramatically
  • Simple 15 minute setup
  • Rewards program increases Loyalty and Retention


Twistabit Business Rewards program brings you Traffic at much Lower Cost, with highly effective Influencer promotions.

It’s easy to get started – 15 minutes to sign up and we do the rest.

Twistabit Business Rewards program is designed to dramatically increase your Sales and Retention by connecting all your customers to their friends with your rewards, discounts, coupons, and gifts. A single customer could potentially connect hundreds of their friends and their friends friends to your business!

The Twistabit Rewards program is designed to be a Win-Win-Win for everyone, and so simple there’s really nothing to do except what you’re already doing.

Give it a try – you won’t be sorry!


Premium Levels

Silver, Gold, and Platinum

There are three Premium Levels you can buy as an Affiliate or as a Business Plan Subscriber. Here are the details:

  • All Premium Levels require a one-time only payment.
  • All Premium Levels increase your Rewards up to the maximum at the Platinum Level
  • All Premium Levels offer a large one-time bonus reward
  • All BPS Premium Levels allow you to advertise a discount and rewards to any affiliate on your own Twistabit Landing page*

It's easy to choose the Premium Levels - just select the Premium Level you want in the Choose an Option Drop-down above.

Thereafter, you will receive rewards dramatically higher than an Affiliate at the Free Level or a BPS at the Basic Level.

*See important details of the Twistabit Advertising program on the Legal page.